Evangelical United Methodist, 401 Walnut St, Washington, IL 61571 .. 309-444-3228


Lunch  &  Learn  Bible  Study

Mondays at 11:45 am in the Fellowship Hall
Takes off one Monday a month for the EVAN Book Club

Lunch and Learn Bible Study is a friendly group of ladies who enjoy delving into God's Word!  We use a well prepared, faith building study often with a video. There is no cost to participants.  And you don't need to be familiar with the Bible before coming.  We all have varying experiences with it, and we all want to learn how we can apply what we learn in scripture to our own lives today.  
Bring your lunch and enjoy the friendly discussion. Most in the group bring fast food or a sack lunch.  It is best to park in the east lot (N. Church St) and enter by the kitchen door.  We take one Monday off a month when the EVAN Book Club meets.  Check the calendar for the dates.   
CELEBRATING TITUS starts January 23 and concludes March 20.
Even if you don't think of yourself as a leader, your life influences those around you. And most people hope that their influence on others is positive.
The apostle Paul unlocks the secrets to godly influence in his pastoral letter to Titus, a young, Gentile convert Paul had personally led to Christ. Writing to this novice pastor, Paul offers insights on Christian leadership that you can use whether you influence one person or one hundred thousand.