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Why are we named "EVANGELICAL"?

We are a United Methodist Church with the local name EVANGELICAL.  Evangelical is a wonderful word that means Good News or Gospel.  Basically, to be an evangelical just means you think it is important to share the Word of God with others to help them know Christ.  We are proud of that name for both its meaning and its history in our community!
  We realize that the term Evangelical Christian has come to refer to Protestants who are conservative in their political beliefs.  But long before the term evangelical was used to refer to this group,  the term was part of the name of our church.  When this church was first established in 1853, it was named Zion Evangelical Church.  Through the years of merger and growth, Evangelical has remained part of our name.  So please know that there are no politics involved.  This congregation is just passionate about spreading the Good News that Christ is our savior!

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