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When Help is Needed

 Later this month, I have to go have a sleep evaluation.  Most people who go are looking for ways to solve problems with their sleep, like snoring and sleep apnea.  However, I am going so they can observe and evaluate my insomnia. Now, as I got thinking about this, I realized there's some humor here.  I'm …

Bishop Beard “stole” the show!

Bishop Beard "stole" the show at Annual Conference when he wore the stole presented to him by our church on May 13 during his visit here.

Memorial Day Thoughts

Memorial Day is not a “church holiday” like Easter or Christmas, but we celebrate it in worship anyway.  It’s a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives in times of conflict for the benefit of others, specifically us.  It began in many towns as an unofficial day of remembrance after the Civil War, a …

Happy April Fool’s Day….Happy Easter

April 1st is both April Fool’s Day and Easter Sunday.  This is a fairly rare occurrence—it hasn’t happened since the mid-1950’s.   Of course there are all kinds of jokes, like:  “Would you like to come to worship with me on Easter?”  “Sure.  When is it?”  “April Fool’s.”  “You mean you DON’T want me to …

Only you can see this:
Date posted: April 5, 2018Last modified: June 26, 2018