Gospel Concert Series

Come see these amazing performers for only $5 a ticket! These chart-topping
groups are sure to sell out quickly, so purchase your tickets today as tickets are limited.

2020 Concert Schedule

1/25          The Blackwood Brothers Quartet
2/8            Old Paths
2/21          The Whisnants
3/7            Farm Hands Quartet – Bluegrass Concert
3/21          Tribute  CANCELLED
4/17          The Hoppers   CANCELLED
5/15          Southern Raised  CANCELLED 
5/23          The Lesters   CANCELLED
6/12          Spoken 4    CANCELLED
6/20          The Hoppers    CANCELLED
7/10          Jim & Melissa Brady    CANCELLED
8/7            The Kingsmen    CANCELLED
8/28          Mark Trammel Quartet    CANCELLED
9/4            Allen Family    CANCELLED
9/19          Ivan Parker    CANCELLED
10/18        Greater Vision    CANCELLED
10/29        The Perrys    CANCELLED
11/20        Brian Free & Assurance    CANCELLED
12/5          Gold City Quartet – Christmas Concert    CANCELLED


Send checks payable to:

EUMC Gospel Concert Committee
c/o Don Moushon

1408 Calvin Dr.,
Washington Illinois 61571

Got a question? Leave either your phone number or email address.


309-444-4342 or 309-453-4673

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